Competition Rules

The 30 – th edition of the Balkan Master Athletics Championship Outdoor BAMACS will be organized by: Albanian Masters Athletes AMA, Albanian Athletics Federation AAF, Korce Municipality, Ministry of Sports.

The Competition will be conducted in compliance with the IAAF and WMA Technical Rules and in agreement with the BMA Statutes and the present guidelines issued by the Local Organizing Committee (LoC).

Locations and Timetable

The competition will take place in Korce, in the period of 17 – 19 September 2021 at the locations described below:
• New Athletics Stadium, Korce, Albania

  1. Detailed descriptions of the locations including maps and pictures are available on Competition website:
  2. The time schedule of the competition is available on Competition website:

This Championship is a competition will include the following type of events:

Balkan Masters Championship for
Traditional individual track&field events

 Balkan Masters Relays Championship for

• 4 x 100m

• 4 x 400m

• Balkan relay (100-200-400-800m)

Registration – Deadlines

  1. The deadline for registrations is 20  August 2021
  2. After the deadline the online registration software will not accept any further registrations or changes.
  3. No application will be registered unless correspondingly paid for before the deadline.

Registration – Procedure

Registrations will be operated by Team/Country Managers but also individually for athletes who are not part of organized teams.

Age group is determined for each athlete according to WMA Rules of Competition, rules 141.1 and 141.2. Throughout the Competition an athlete shall compete in the age group for which he qualifies on the first competition day and in no other age group except as allowed by specific team and relay rules. For each event athletes will specify their best result

Events are divided into age groups and shown below:

M + W 35 – Born From 18 September 1981 – to 17 September 1986

M + W 40 – Born From 18 September 1976 – to 17September 1981

M + W 45 – Born From 18 September 1971 – to 17 September 1976

M + W 50 – Born From 18 September 1966 – to 17 September 1971

M + W 55 – Born From 18 September 1961 – to 17 September 1966

M + W 60 – Born From 18 September 1956 – to 17 September 1961

M + W 65 – Born From 18 September 1951 – to 17 September 1956

M + W 70 – Born From 18 September 1946 – to 17 September 1951

M + W 75 – Born From 18 September 1941 – to 17 September 1946

M + W 80 – Born From 18 September 1936 – to 17 September 1941

M + W 85 – Born From 18 September 1931 – to 17 September 1936

M + W 90 – Born From 18 September 1926 – to 17 September 1931

Athletes may register to maximum 4 (four) individual events (including halfmarathon). No more 2 (two) events in a day.

Regardless of all the above described events any athlete may compete in all 3 (three) Relays. Relay teams registrations are due at the above mentioned deadline as all other events. Final components of the Relays may be modified (all 4 members may be changed) and shall be announced by the Team/Country Managers 3 (three) hours before the start.


  • For good organization of the Competition and a permanent contact with LoC each national federation participating with athletes to the Competition will communicate to the LoC the name and contact details (email, phone) for its Team/Country Manager no latest at 31 July 2020.
  • Athletes registrations and corresponding payments should be made by their Team/Country Manager.
  • Athletes from abroad may organize in groups and designate a Team Manager to represent them for registration and payments to the LoC.
  • Payment details are the followings: Beneficiary:
  • Bank account: AL41202110060000000011435739
  • Bank: Raiffeisen Bank Sha
  • Bank address: Tirane / Albania
  • Swift code: SGSBALTX
  • Details: BAMACS Registration

Registration – Balkan President Team

Individual masters from non-BMA countries may register to compete in this BMA Championship as members of the BMA President’s Team. Such competitors would compete under the BMA flag and are entitled to awards for their event performance alongside but not interfering with the ranking of the BMA masters. The validation of the athletes applying for membership in the BMA President’s Team shall rest entirely with the running BMA President. Payment of the individual entry fees for the Balkan President Team registrants is the same.

Registration – Fees

Registration fees are detailed in the following table.

Registration – Corrections

Local Organization Committee must be informed regarding all changes applied to the registered entries before the Technical Meeting on the 18 September 2020. These changes refer to corrections of the personal data of athletes already registered. New registrations are not accepted. Changing the events for an athlete is not accepted either.
No changes will be approved after the Technical Meeting as detailed above.
The start lists will be published on the Competition website at least 7 (seven) days before the Competition begins.
The Technical Meeting to be attended by the Team Managers will be held on 18 September 2019 in the stadium offices. Information will be distributed in advance in case of any change.
Confirmation of entries (validation). Team/Country Managers or athletes must confirm the entry list and participation to the Competition latest at the Technical Meeting. The registration fee is not refundable not even in the case of canceling an event due to weather conditions.

The Opening ceremony will take place on Friday, September 18, 2018 at 10:30h. Each country must be represented by a group of athletes who will participate in a ceremonial defile during the opening ceremony.

Doping Control

In order to organize this Championships at European and World level LoC implemented anti-doping control measures financed partially by the registration fees and by local funds. About 2 to 4 full anti-doping tests will be operated for athletes that achieve outstanding performances, records, big performance improvements etc. Selection for anti-doping control will be operated in respect to these principles and will be operated by the LoC.
Team/Country Managers are held responsible for collecting health declarations and doping sampling consent from the athletes they approve for registration.
Should an athlete refuses to take the anti-doping test he/she will be automatically disqualified from all events of the Competition and the incident will be communicated to National, Balkan, European and World Federations for appropriate sanctions.
The person or entity that requires the testing of any competitor for doping is requested to pay, in advance, a fee of 500 Euro per case.

Appeal Board and Doping Control will be assigned in technical meeting.


The kits including bib numbers will be distributed by the TIC Technical Information Commission to the Team/Country Managers according to their registrations lists. Each athlete is kindly asked to keep in touch with his/her Team/Country Manager in order to get the kit from him/her.
Each competitor will be given two start numbers which should be worn both on front and back of his/her shirt.
Exception includes jumping events (horizontal and vertical), in which competitors should only wear one start number, either on front or back at their choice.
Start numbers should not be folded, deteriorated or changed. In any case, you can request TIC (Technical Information Commission) assistance for replacement. Contrary action may lead to disqualification.
All athletes must compete in the sport uniforms and colors of their national teams.


Warm-up areas are located right next to each Competition location. No warm-up will be allowed on the main track. Failure to respect this will conclude to athlete disqualification from the Competition.
Basic changing rooms are provided nearby Competition locations.
All participants should register in the Call room. Application time in the Call Room for all events is between 30 to 10 minutes before the start of the event and will be clearly specified in the Start Lists.
The referees will check athletes equipment and bib numbers.
Competitors who don’t register on time to the Call Room will not be allowed to compete.
Athletes allowed spikes are: spikes of 9 mm maximum for track events should be needle or pyramid type. For field events the heel spike length shall not exceed 9mm except at high jump, pole vault and javelin where it shall not exceed 12 mm.
All competitors will be accompanied to the competition area by an official.
Instructions to athletes at races will be given in English according to IAAF rules
Athletes may start from either block-start or standing position at their own choice.
The athletes who start incorrectly two times in one event shall be eliminated from the event.
Block-start sensors and devices, electronic timing and photo-finish equipment will be operational during the competition.


Relay events age groups will be formed by 5 years categories for men and women respectively, as follows: 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90-94, 95-99.
Final members for relays are accepted from Team/Country Managers latest 3 (three) hours before the event starts.
One country may register more teams in the same relay event age group. After the race only one single team will be valid for each country (best performance) and all others will automatically be declared OOC (Out of Competition).

Medals Ceremonies

For all events (individual, halfmarathon, relays,) medal ceremonies will be held at in a specially designated area approx. 45 minutes after the results are posted.
Should any athlete cannot participate on medals ceremonies he/she is invite to contact LoC immediately after the event for instructions on getting the corresponding medal and/or diploma.

Final Provisions

The competition will be judged by Albanian judges.
The Competition Director has the executive authority.
All objections will be judged by a jury named by LoC.
The objections must apply in no more than 30 minutes after the results are announced.
For any objection a 100 € fee should be paid. If the objection is rejected, the money will be kept as a quotation fee.
During the whole competition emergency medical assistance will be provided by the organizers. Emergency calls at the medical service- may also be used in case of need.
By participating to the Competition athletes assume all the health risks involved by this. LoC or any other organizing part should not be held responsible for any injury or unfavorable evolution of the health status for any athlete or for the lost or personal belongings during the Competition.
By participating to the Competition each athlete consents that he/she has no financial demand or demands of any other kind for the use of the photo images or video footage realizes during the Competition, images or video that represents the image of the athlete under the string engagement of the LoC that these images will be used exclusively to realize promotional materials to promote masters athletics movement.

Local Organizing Committee BAMACS 2020